What The PlayStation 3 Needs

I currently own all 3 of the new consoles right now Playstation 3 and Wii are falling behind in interface and online features. I just have a lot of ideas on what needs to be changed and what needs to be added and I hope SCEA looks at them and takes them into consideration. Sony’s got to get one step ahead rather then 5 steps behind. I need help from everybody to keep this topic alive and say they support these features. The more support means it’s a bigger demand means SCEA is going to need to do something.

(1) Mail Symbol | Friends List Improvements | Better XMB

If you were away or you aren’t paying much attention to the soundless popup telling you, you just recieved a message then chances are it will be a while til you actually notice you got a new message. Most of my friends never notice when I send them message becauses it’s so hard to tell. Its not only my problem it’s many other people’s problems to. Even on IGN’s Playstation 3 Podcast they said they just wish Sony would do that. I’ve been trying to email SCEA about this but they won’t listen. My idea is this add a symbol on the top somewhere for when you hit the PS button you will se the amount of unread messages. For the friends list friend request should be on the top of your list not at the bottom nobody scrolls to the bottom of their list daily just to check if they got new friend requests.

How I wish things were(Click for full View)

How I wish things were (Click for Full View)

Something I found on the Net

Something I found on the Net( Click for Full View)

(2) Single Voice Messages In-game and Out of Game | Private Chat in-game | XMB Cross Game Invites

The add-on keyboard isn’t out yet, even with it, it’s much harder to communicate than on Xbox Live which has the feature since launch. Without a universal invite system either, starting and joining games involves much more work then Xbox Live i and waiting for HOME isn’t going to cut it seeing as people don’t want to do all that walking when they can do it with the interface much faster and eassier on the compeitor’s console.  Sony you guys needs to have the XMB interface done already to compete and then work on the 3D itnterface. Hurry up and add thise feature and add game invites already because chances are they are going to need to be game enabled and if you haven’t done it yet then more and more games will lack these features because you guys are taking forever with these.

(3)  Add MKV support

I thoguht the Playstation 3 is supposed to offer and supprot High Definition content when it dosne’t support one of the best High Definition formtats. The Xbox 360 dosen’t but it’s pretty much on par right now with file types and codecs.
More Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matroska

(4)  Applications

One of my ideas is to add another section on the ‘XMB’ called applications where companies can develop applications to be used in-game and out of games. That way the PlayStation 3 would be able to do even more and the gaming experience would be improved. Applications while in-game can be of benefit to the gaming experience by adding things that people like, for example screenshot saver and video recorder for sharing, the ability to run game guides purchased through the PlayStation Store and the ability to talk to people using PC instant messengers. From my research I learned that one of the synergistic processing units is dedicated only for the ‘XMB’ therefore integration of applications may be easier.
Multi PC Instant Messaging Application : Be able to talk to people on YIM, MSN, ICQ,AIM on the Playstation 3 to compete with the MSN intergration on Xbox Live
Game Guides: Purchase digital game guides on the Playstation Store
Video Recording: Record game play videos, use the unused SPE and maybe an add-on or whatever something like this would really make things fun.

(5) Playstation 2 Backward Compatibility

PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility should be available for purchase through the PlayStation Store later so people who bought a SKU without the feature can get it after seeing as it’s partial software emulation anyways.

(6) PSN and Profile accounts set up for each each controller

It ruins some games like Resistance 2 because you can only sign in to one Playstation Network account while Online. Allow this and online will change because this feature aswell has been availible on the Xbox 360 already since launch. This will allow Co-op Multiplayer.

(7) PSN Store, Music, Video for ALL, PS2 Games, faster, etc.

Sony needs to give Canada and the rest of the world a video store already. The video store currently is only in the United States. I understand about the UK and Asia but Canada still. They get movies and TV shows the same time the US does.  Most of the shows Canada shows is from the US and our channels are even from the US. Where is the music? They are currently letting Microsoft sell their music. When they don’t even have there own store yet selling it. It’d be great for Little Big Planet because that way importing music can be used without being abused. Sony has a big advantage being a Music company and there not using it. How about selling us PS2 games you could make so much more money selling the triple titles but Sony doesn’t have any plans!

Why dont we have this.

Why don't we have this.

(8) PS2/PS1/ Movies/  In-game XMB

Why can’t I talk to my friends while I’m doing stuff like that. It needs to be fixed because I don’t want to exit my movie or game just to see what they said.

(9) More Developed Profiles

Who the hell is this guy who added me, without the first few features I mentioned I can’t really ask him I should view his profile and see. Look here he’s this level and that’s his picture I KNOW WHO THAT IS. What I’m getting at the profiles should be way more developed and look better it’s gray boring and lacking infomration such as your friends’ friends list. Common Sony it’s been almost 2 years ! Even if it is a paid service most of the money Microsoft probally makes goes to the fast servers.

Things That it should have:

– View Friends’ friends to find people you know easier

– Name, Emai, Age, Location, Favourite Game, etc.

– most played game

– player ratings

– Report Player

(10) Themes

The XMB gets a little dull after a while and to make it better how about more effects, reflection effect for each icon that can be turn on and off, more font choices, more icons, customizable sounds, other moving cool backgrounds, etc.



  1. Shadowolf said

    All of your ideas are very well thought out. I would hope that Sony utilizes all your ideas as it would definitely benefit the PS3 greatly.

  2. Playstation Guy said

    1. Absolutely
    2. Nice to have but not essential to me
    3. Wishful thinking but would be nice.
    4. Not going to happen, they don’t want to open it up and I understand why.
    5. They would love to I’m sure but that one is really hard
    6. I’d love that and hope that add it.
    7. Seriously, Sony has squandered this opportunity by not getting these alternate stores up and running. They own tons of content and can’t even get their own stuff up timely.
    8. I think this is a stretch and personally don’t care if I never see this functionality but I would like to see them add the option to turn off notifications while watching a movie.
    9. All nice to have but the first two are too invasive of privacy (even if you can opt out), trophies kinda handle three and four but five should be there.

  3. HurricaneIz24 said

    Hey you are right in evreything you said a agree with it all sony should pay you for this lol

  4. charley nunley said

    all fantastic ideas and some should make it into the next few updates.I would like to see animated backgrounds/themes and applications.

  5. charley nunley said

    nunley33 psn id, add me.

  6. i do believe sony should integrate each and every one of these. LBP is the only one that can do option 6 (different account for each controller) I support this suggestion list, i hope others do as well. Here’s to firmware 3.0 and the hope that it includes most to all of this.

  7. Christopher said

    One thing that would be good is .pdf Reader. I think that would be a good addition to an Update

  8. unRheal said

    Some good ideas, Sony sure needs to do *something* – since it’s way way behind in a whole lot of “ease of use” ways! Let’s hope someone who knows, cares, and can actually do something about it reads this and wakes up whoever is sleeping over at Sony!

  9. Johnny Guillen said

    Thanks for taking the time to put something together. I have recently read that Playstation will only make changes if it’s users band together and knock at their door. http://www.engadget.com/2008/12/09/sony-says-it-has-no-plans-for-revamped-xmb-netflix-service/

    One thing that I would love to suggest is to bring the NETFLIX API to the Playstation XMB. As a Netflix subscriber I feel that this will bring added value to the system just as Playstation’s Blu-Ray player did.

    I know that MediaMall has a solution for this (http://www.themediamall.com/playon) lt just would be nice if the integration was done on Playstation’s end.


    – It also wouldn’t be that bad of an Idea to release another Final Fantasy, but one thing at a time.

  10. Edgar J. said

    Hey nice, I agree but, on Applications another feature could be a Capturing Photo while playing.

  11. Dor115 said

    I agree with many of your ideas but I think some can’t be done–
    MKV as far as I’ve seen is used for illegal downloads. (as much as it can please the users it won’t please those who made the movies)
    The applications seem hard to do, although screen-shots and videos would’ve been great, I doubt they’re possible.
    PS2 backward compatibility– I remember reading somewhere they’re trying to do that.

    Themes- you can download thems, don’t know if you can have animations (which could be cool) and you can even make your own theme.

  12. ludicer said

    awesome post!!!! sony needs to get it’s act together

  13. Kazi A. said

    11.] Add a function to allow users with Keyboards to FULLY integrate it to the PS3. Ex: Pressing F1 on keyboard opens the web browser, pressing F3 will automatically go to message list. etc~

    12.] It would be neat to see what song your friends are listening to. It should be easy to implement since it shows what game you play when you…play it…

  14. awesome suggestions.

  15. Sylvestre St. Phard Jr. said

    What I would suggest also are a more diverse assortment of avatars and more downloadable/add-on content. Games like everyday shooter can be updated to be more playable.

  16. I agree with this, all of it, especially the in-game PS2 XMB because I for one still plays his PS2 games. If they use this idea, they could charge us for PSN. In my opinion, as long as it’s a reasonable price and the quality is worth it, I’d buy it and it better be better than Xbox’s.

  17. Edgar J. said

    Sony deleted my post on PS3 Forums, I will post it again!

  18. mekawendie said

    For those thousands and thousands of people who have HD Ready TVs, please we need 768p output (1366×768 )

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